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Yorkshre Area Contest Update

Like most bands up and down the country, the start of the year saw DGB preparing for the most important date in the contesting calendar- the Area Finals. Brass bands from around the Yorkshire region gathered at Huddersfield Town Hall over the weekend of the 4th and 5th March, competing in their relevant sections to try and gain a qualification place to the National finals in Cheltenham in September, with the results of each section being calculated, on a points basis to decide who is promoted, or relegated for the following year. 

Dronfield Band competed this year in the 2nd section, playing Rodney Newton's 'Pilgrims Progress'. The piece has proved quite a challenge for all bands in the 2nd section this year, and we have been working hard on it since finishing our Christmas concert season and returning to band in the new year. The band played well, and gave a good account of ourselves on stage. Sadly however, this did not find favour with the adjudicators on the day and the band placed 11th. 

Nonetheless, we had a great time playing, and are looking forward to being back in the bandroom after a short break, preparing for our upcoming concerts. Keep your eye on the events page for more information.

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